lundi 9 mai 2011


Lets have a discussion about weed.
What do you think about it ? Good/bad ?
I think its good as long as you don't smoke everyday and that you don't smoke it with tabacco because
  1°) If you use a vaporizer it does not fuck your lungs
  2°) Weed is like everything, if you abuse it its bad, but if you keep smoking sometimes like every 1or2week its ok
  3°) Marijuana does not kill brain cells, how do brain cells die? your brain cells die when they dont have oxygene,  the tests which supposedly proved that marijuana killed brain cells was done by strapping a gas mask on the head of a rhesus monkey and forcing them to inhale appoximately 5 joints worth of high grade marijuana a sessions over the course of several months. These monkeys were then killed and their brains examined and compared with the brains of heathy control monkeys and lo and behold, there was brain damage. Oxygen Deprivation was never taken into consideration when these studies were done.
Feel free to comment :)

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  1. i don't smoke it... not ma thing

  2. It makes you have other mental problems though.

  3. I used to smoke weed daily, i became quite dependent on it. But I dont see a problem with weed, just dont smoke it "errday". Weed doesnt even cause cancer, so its not even bad to smoke, aside from emphysema. Just dont get attached to it. But yea, i smoked weed to make "life better" but now I'm taking antidepressants and havent touched the stuff in awhile. I've just grown out of it in a way.

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  5. I hear vaporizers are much easier on your lungs.

  6. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!